The Galen Eye Centre specializes in eye care including routine eye exams, disease diagnosis and management, and surgical intervention (cataract and glaucoma surgeries).

The COVID-19 Pandemic has presented a challenge to our traditional way of delivering care, but it has also opened the opportunity for us to deliver care in ways that may save a visit to the clinic for some people. Social distancing has proven very successful in Canada and especially in the health care setting we need to try and continue this until a vaccine has been developed.

Existing Patients:

For our existing patients, the Galen Eye Centre is in the midst of a controlled re-opening to onsite visits. Given the low volume of COVID cases in our region we are extending the severity of cases we are willing to see in person from Emergent and Urgent to those that are at risk of vision loss because of delayed evaluation. We are evaluating each person’s case on its own merits and you should receive a call soon to discuss details of your next appointment. If you have any concerns please email us ([email protected]) or call us at 613.507.4800.

New Patients:

 If you are not a patient of the Galen Eye Centre we can provide a telephone consultation. Either call us at 613.507.4800 and leave a message or email us at ([email protected]) with your name and telephone number and we will make arrangements for you to have an initial telephone or visual consultation with one of our doctors.  

On-Site Safety Precautions:

For those coming to the clinic, we have strict measures for your safety, that of other patients and that of our staff. In the 2 weeks leading up to your appointment if you have a fever, cough, or feel unwell, please call and let us know. We also ask that you wear a mask. Feel free to bring your own or you can purchase a reusable mask onsite for $5. We are being very strict in our social distancing so please come no earlier than 5 min before your appointment to allow us to manage the social distancing in the waiting room. Where possible, we ask that you come into the clinic alone for the sake of helping us manage social distancing. The equipment and examining lanes are being cleaned with antiviral wipes between each patient.